PROGRESSIVE FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT enlists youngsters from the age of 3 years to begin our unique player pathway which will lead them to enjoying the game of football in a non-competitive, non threatening environment. They will receive professional coaching from SFA and UEFA qualified coaches on a regular basis (weekly) and will pay a monthly subscription fee. Once their skills improve, they will eventually get involved in bounce games among themselves and will learn how to play as a team. You will be informed of their progress on a regular basis. There is no need to purchase any kit at this stage. He/she should `try it` for a few weeks, and if he/she `likes it` and wishes to continue, you should arrange to set-up a direct debit for your subscription fee. If you are looking to purchase kit this can be done via our website shop, once this has been paid you will receive in a few weeks. If you want to order other items such as, a Heavy Rain Jacket, Pirate pants, hats… you can do that at your leisure.


It normally takes about 5/6 months of regular weekly coaching until youngsters develop the confidence, co-ordination and ability to be able to cope with real games. We therefore take our time to ensure that any games we do organise are very light-hearted fun games rather that competitive challenges. However, some youngsters have natural talent and will move up the ladder a lot quicker than others, or perhaps you have come from another football club… and will go straight into a squad. No matter what, we will ensure that your child progress at THEIR rate and will not be pushed into situations that they are not ready for.


Part of the process will involve youngsters being registered with PFD as a member which fo a small fee covers all insurences and vaious other assocation fees.


Once your child has has hit the appropriate age within the Academy, they will then participate in friendly games against `real teams`. This is the first step on that ladder of future success. These games are normally within Edinburgh and the Lothians but can occasionally be all over Scotland and even occasionally in England, Ireland and Wales. Our home park(s) vary depending on where the academies are situated. The next movement is the progression to league based football which is of a much higher standard and of course involves regular organised games. Our teams play in a number of organised leagues including East Lothian Soccer Sevens Development Association, East of Scotland Soccer Development Association, West Lothian Soccer Development Association plus many more, Our policy at PFD is firstly to promote `evenly matched` teams when there are two squads and not to have a strong team and a weaker team. Students (as they are known) can move from one team to the other but we like to encourage stability and keep them playing with the groups they are used to. Eventually players will be asked to play together with a more developed team.

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